1. Where is my Leasing Angel located and are some services restricted by area?

Our Leasing Angels are everywhere …  our assistance knows no boundaries!

2. Can I customize my plan as a property owner and/or manager?

You sure can! All plans can be customized to fit your particular professional needs.

3. What is a “Preferred Rental”?

A “Preferred Rental” is a rental property that embodies the standard of “quality” living that we seek to offer our rental clientele. For  property owners and/or managers to become apart of our “Preferred Rental Network”, it’s more than a simple request – Contact us for more details.

4. Is resident retention apart of your service?

Yes. We do offer a service called “Constant Contact” which acts as a constantly revolving door for customer satisfaction. Such is tailored to the specifics of your company and your property to ensure that the gap in resident/owner communication is bridged and you retain an awesome tenant for now and years to come.

5. What do I pay up front?

Nothing. Our network  is FREE to enroll. Once a rental client is successfully matched to your property is when you will be invoiced on a Net 15. *Services are guaranteed – if the tenant match fails within 60 days, you will attain a full refund.

*Management and/or owner must opt into placement insurance.

6. What time does my Leasing Angel stop working for me?

Never! 🙂 Customer service is a 24/7 responsibility that we take very seriously.

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