FAQs for Owners & Property Managers

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Owners & Property Managers

How can Leasing Angels help?

At Leasing Angels, we understand what it takes to successfully reach your goal. That’s why expert customer service is what drives us. We thoroughly comprehend & manage the full real estate management process. And honestly put … we get results!

How is this possible? It’s simple! The founders & leaders of  Leasing Angels have over 50 collective years experience in a vast number of areas, including:

  • Multi & Single Family Housing
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Real Estate Showings & Sales
  • Acquisition, Construction, & Manufacturing Homes
  • Rehab & Reposition Properties
  • Student, Senior, Military, & LIHTC Properties
  • Exceptional Customer Service

What services do you offer?

For our vast network of owners and property managers, we offer a multitude of services that make your job easier! As a full-service contact between management & clients, Leasing Angels is happy to provide the following benefits: 

  • Property Specific Market Analysis & Marketing Plan
  • Tenant Referral Services (pay-per-lease)
  • Virtual Leasing Assistance
  • Application & Pre-Qualification Processing, including:
    • Credit Checks
    • Background Checks
    • Rental and Employment Verifications.
  • And Much More! (contact for details)
*All benefits & services can be customized for your specific company and property needs. 

Where are my Leasing Angels located? Are any services restricted by area?

Fortunately, we have both physical and virtual Leasing Angels located everywhere!  Our assistance knows no boundaries  –  All of our services and benefits are available for any location, so if you manage properties in multiple states, we’ve got you covered!

Can I customize my service plan ?

Absolutely! All plans can be customized to fit your particular professional needs. Whether you need a full-service leasing team or perhaps just a little backup with tenant verifications, we can make it happen and make it budget-friendly.

Is resident retention a benefit of Leasing Angels?

Of course!  We offer a “Constant Contact” service which acts as a consistently revolving door for customer satisfaction. This service is tailored to the specifics needs of your company and properties, ensuring that any gap in resident/owner communication is fully bridged, and you retain your excellent tenants for years to come!

What is a PRN?

PRN, or “Preferred Rental Network”, is the term we use for our professional property management teams and owners that have met our standards for quality homes and exceptional care. We work with our PRNs to make the rental process easier for both parties involved, with full service benefits like tenant referral, application processing, tour scheduling, move-in walk-throughs, and countless more.

Currently, we have over 127 PRNs enrolled. New owners & property managers sign on every day!

How qualified are the agents at Leasing Angels?

Extremely! We take pride in providing you Leasing Angels that are well equipped to handle any need, no matter how large or how small. All Leasing Angels are required to complete the Leasing Angels Internal Training Program and participate in company sponsored continuing education programs. The due diligence taken to ensure Expert Leasing Angels in turn ensures that our clients are satisfied with the results.

What do I pay up front?

Nothing! Our network is FREE to enroll. Once a rental client is successfully matched to your property is when you will be invoiced on a Net 15. *Services are guaranteed  –  if the tenant match fails within 60 days, you will attain a full refund.

*Management and/or owner must opt into placement insurance.

How do I register a property?

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Current PRNs:

For owners/property managers already enrolled with Leasing Angels, you can find all information and resources at the link below!

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