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The Leasing Angels, Inc. Story

Leasing Angel’s Inc.’s mission is to create an air of ease around the term “relocation”.

Leasing Angels, Inc. was founded in 2015 in Memphis, TN. The thread of Leasing Angels, Inc. was spawn to heed the call for help needed within the relocation sectors of affordable housing.

Leasing Angels, Inc.’s first major relocation project was to act as a relocation coordinating advisor to the Memphis Housing Authority in their emergency relocation housing efforts of over 1200 families.

Not only was this project a success, Leasing Angels, Inc. was fortunate enough to identify its sincere purpose. As a company, we take pride in being our client’s leading choice of guidance within the residential housing relocation arena.

Mission Statement

Leasing Angel’s Inc.’s mission is to create an air of ease around the term “relocation”.

It is the mission of Leasing Angels, Inc. as the industry’s leading residential match – making firm to successfully and efficiently match the perfect home to the perfect client and vice versa whether that be via sales and/or leasing. Through such actions, we attain something we like to call “forever clientele”.

We take pride in delivering not only expert real estate advice and customer service, but most importantly honest and sincere real estate advice and customer service.

Nationally we will be recognized as a company that puts quality before quantity in regards our tenant placement services. We understand that as a company, building internal and external relationships is the only way to build, grow and retain a successful database of business.

Leasing Angels, Inc. takes pride in our team members and strongly believe in team member retention via team member professional empowerment.

Statistics show that the number one reason why tenants move is dissatisfaction in their initial and ongoing relationship building process. Through our wide array of industry customized solutions, Leasing Angels, Inc. has proven time and time again to be the answer to today’s challenges for renters, real estate owners and managers nationwide.

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