We match people to homes and homes to people!

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Benefits Of Allowing Leasing Angels, Inc. To Support You

Flexibility: Request support as you need us. Whether it be on a per month, contract, or project basis, we are here for you. This means that your firm will not have restrictions of any sort, and it can flexibly request our support for extra help when the occupancy deadlines are approaching and your goal isn’t near sight. We understand everything real estate and have consistently proven that we will do what it takes to assist you in accomplishing your goal.

Cost Factor: It’s FREE to join our network, meaning FREE advertising to hundreds, even thousands of potential renters daily. Your only costs are incurred when we host a successful residential placement. Moreover, request our assistance as you need us – no insurance and/or monthly salaries required!

No Location Restrictions: Leasing Angels, Inc. can operate anywhere and anytime because we are everywhere.

Expertise: We are real estate management and sales experts. Our success ultimately embodies yours.

Work Focus: You have more to worry about than the struggles and strains of leasing. Allow us to assist your team in building those much needed client relationships, while you do … everything else. Preventative maintenance scheduling sounds like a good idea or maybe a resident retention function- I’ll schedule the DJ. Leave the guarantee of leasing support to us, Your #1 Residential Match – Making Firm.

Reputation: Jumping aboard the Leasing Angel, Inc. train of success is simply a good business practice.

Business Growth: In today’s market, taking risks – even calculated ones with grand possibilities, could never outweigh the guarantee of proven success. With such a cost efficient approach toward hiring Leasing Angel, Inc. as your support system, a management’s annually budgeted occupancy goals can be made in “real – time”. With such a support system, business professionals can now dictate their desired level of success.

An Expert Residential Match – Making Firm: Enough said. What can be better than the guarantee of a certified, experienced, well-versed real estate leasing professional ??? That’s right, nothing.

We are Leasing Angels! (And proud of it!)

Leasing Angels, Inc. came to me one day as I was shuffling throughout paperwork attempting to make sense of a horrid set of fiscal year financial statements while re-creating a projected budget for one of my newly assigned properties. This one was a doozy. It was a 210 unit community and only 15% occupied. It was acquired as a Section 8 community in the middle of a tax-credit conversion and rehabilitation was required. And we all know what comes after rehabilitation … a lease up! Meaning, not only would I have to find leasing professionals, but I’d have to train them too.

I had always taken on the “trouble” projects to simply prove to myself and the nay-sayers that I could do it and not only do it, but rehabilitate the project into a complete success – from the structural rehabilitation to the leasing process and then back around toward resident retention. For that, I have remained consistent in adding a new set of expertise to my already overflowing bucket with each new acquired and successfully completed acquisition.

So, to say the least, I was super excited about this Leasing Angels, Inc. train ride.

I had trained successful Leasing Professionals, now Managers and even Leasing Professionals, now Regional Directors all using my simple approach toward relationship building. And here I was about to do it all again. Just reminiscing in the idea of such, it hit me … What the industry needs most is a support system of qualified Leasing Professionals that not only love what they do, but that thoroughly understand the needs of the real estate industry in whatever market and operate with a quality set of core values. With such a team, I have proven time and time again that industry miracles were possible … this is how Leasing Angels, Inc. came to be and this is what I promise to offer each client … nothing less than a miracle.

N. Bean, President of Leasing Angels, Inc.


Residential Match – Making … pretty catchy huh?!?
Simply put – We match people to houses and houses to people!

Because we’re a dual service, everyone’s our client!

Our entire point of existing is to assist our client toward reaching their ultimate goal – whether that goal is as a resident to find their dream home and move in asap or as a property manager to lease up a 200 unit community in 45 days, allow us to be your support system.

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