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Our Professionals

  • Nannette Bean

    President and CEO

    Nannette Bean is Leasing Angels, Inc.'s President and CEO. Nannette has over 11 years experience in single - family housing development/management, multi-family housing rehabilitation/management and marketing and brand development. Nannette has experience in markets ranging from MS, CA, GA, TN, FL and NY.

  • Reginald Byrd

    SVP and Maintenance Director

  • Garwyne Jones

    Vice President

    Garwyn Jones is a business professional holding over 20 years experience in sales and business development/expansion. Mr. Jones is an expert sales professional with a consistent track record of success.

  • Charity Robinson

    Principal Broker - MS and Firm Attorney

    Charity Robinson holds a wealth of knowledge in real estate, compliance and fair housing. Mrs. Robinson is a grand asset to not only our MS market, but to Leasing Angels, Inc. in its entirety. Additionally, Mrs. Robinson is the Leasing Angels, Inc. firm attorney.

  • Tonya Mosley

    Principal Broker - TN

    Tonya Mosley is an exceptional business strategist and real estate professional. Mrs. Mosley has over 20 years experience as a business developer and acquisitions director. Tonya takes pride in not only leading exceptionally skilled teams, but more so in developing exceptionally skilled professionals.

  • Dania Hawkins - Shores

    Broker Of Record - IN

  • Shirely Walker

    Human Resource and Accounting Director II

  • Chy Townsend

    Operational Administrative Director

    Chy Townsend is an experienced customer service and administrative professional that specializes in delivering expert relationship building. Chy not only prides herself toward thoroughly understanding the needs of her clients, but residential match-making has become her passion.

  • Angelica Perkins

    Operational Leasing Director

  • Shun Watkins

    Leasing Professional

  • Stefanie Head

    Leasing Professional

  • Martin Navarro

    Leasing Professional

  • Nikki Prewitt

    Real Estate Professional

    Nikki Prewitt is an exceptional professional with an extensive real estate background with emphasis in sales and marketing. Nikki's strengths are held within her ability to understand the needs of her clients and in turn match them with the best housing choice possible.

  • Shon Washington

    Virtual Leasing Professional

    Shon Washington is an expert professional with an extensive real estate background. Shon has throughout her career served as Regional Director to some of the top management companies in the industry. Shon understands the mutual need of her clients and in turn match them with the best housing choice possible.

  • Grenisha Carwell

    Virtual Leasing Professional

  • Edwina Smith

    Virtual Leasing Professional

  • Synetrice Laird

    Leasing Professional

  • Erik Moore

    Real Estate Professional

  • Donavan McNutt

    Leasing Professional

  • Monica Banks

    Leasing Professional

  • Darreyl Robinson

    Virtual Leasing Professional