Thursday, February 28th 2019

Making A Move? Locally-Owned Property Firm Connects Renters With Residences Across Memphis


Thursday, December 6th 2018

Leasing Angels, Inc. Celebrates As It Reaches A Company Milestone


Thursday, April 26th 2018

Exclusive: Investor plans $39M redevelopment of Downtown building into apartments


Saturday, June 3rd 2017

Malcolm E. Wilson, Joins Forces with One of the Nation’s Leading Relocation and Community Lease – Up Specialists, Leasing Angels, Inc.


Thursday, May 11th 2017

It’s Official – Leasing Angels, Inc. Is Opening In Chicago, IL

Press Release Coming Soon!


Thursday, May 11th 2017

Leasing Angels, Inc. – Jackson, MS Has A Scheduled Open Date

Press Release Coming Soon!


Thursday, December 15th 2016

Leasing Angels, Inc. Defy the Odds Yet Again – Completes 239 Unit Tax Credit Conversion Community Lease Up in 45 Days – Takes Community from 67% to 100%


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Leasing Angels, Inc. On The Move As A “Residential Match-Maker”


Wednesday, May 4, 2016
See How Leasing Angels, Inc. Is Supplying Support To Our Community.












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